What to Do to Ignite Your Creativity

What to Do to Ignite Your CreativityI’ll be honest. There are days when I sit down to write and nothing comes to mind. You know what I mean… the days in which you don’t know what to do to ignite your creativity. Sometimes I feel that there’s not a shred of creativity in me, especially when something is roaming in my mind, or when I have not slept enough.

This morning was one of those days, so after giving it some thought, I decided to write precisely about this challenge. Why not sharing with you about my writer’s block and the things I do to bring my creativity back? Yep. It sounds like a good idea.

So here I am. Doing just that. But before I share with you what I did today, let me ask you… How do you get creative or resourceful when thoughts just don’t flow? Please share in the comments area below. Your ideas may help me and others as well!

What to do to ignite your creativity

Here’s exactly what I did this morning to get my creativity flowing…

First, instead of pressing myself and getting frustrated, I simply decided to leave my desk for a while and go for a walk to relax my mind. While I was walking on a nearby park, admiring the trees and enjoying the birds chirping, I started thinking about the times when my creativity was so attuned with my senses that I could not type fast enough; the times when thougths and ideas were coming so fast, I found myself wondering how on earth so much was pouring out all at once.

I also recalled the times when I was teaching, coaching, or explaining something passionately to my children, or when I had to think up a plausible excuse to get myself out of a hole, or when friends dropped in unexpectedly and I prepared a meal in the blink of an eye… my mind kept on remembering memory after memory, and I just let the process run freely.

Point #1Thinking of the many times we have been creative and resourceful in the past can be a huge motivator that may turn on the creativity switch in our brain, all by itself!

As I walked back home, I was full of ideas, so many in fact that I questioned if I was going to be able to pick just one idea and start writing about it today. Frankly, I could have done just that, but then I thought that all of us have been in the same situation sometime, so why not share with you of my experience as it happens today? So here I am, doing just that.

As I approached my desk, I felt more confident. I even noticed my posture had changed. However, I did not start typing this article right away, I first jotted down a list of all of the ideas I had in mind so I could use them as leads in the future, on those days when my creativity is asleep.

When my list was done, I put it aside and started writing this article. I hope it is of use to you. Perhaps you are not a blogger, but need to write for work, or maybe you need some insight on what to do to ignite your creativity to solve a problem.

Here’s an interesting thing that I’ve noticed… It works the other way too! What I mean is that when I change my posture, my breathing and my movements to the way I am when I feel creative, the creative feeling comes back all by itself, it just awakens!

Point #2 – Getting away from your work area or your home office and adopting a new posture, improves your attitude and it is a good way to ignite the mind into creative thinking!

As a side note, here is another idea that I sometimes use successfully as well: I think about a challenge that a friend of mine or I have had, such as how to come up with a solution to a problem. Next, I do an online search and read a few articles on the topic to stimulate my creativity. Then, I consult the ideas with my friend or think about the things I read and how they relate to how I solved a situation. Finally, I jump into creating the content for my post.

Now you’ve got a couple of ideas on what to do to ignite your creativity. Would you share one of yours? Thank you for your participation!


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  1. Lory July 18, 2017 at 2:24 AM #

    I so much relate to your post, Tammy. When I’m out of ideas, I take a walk. There is a nice park by the water here, where I live. It is soothing, get’s me distracted and usually, ideas start popping into my mind when I’m back.

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