Seven Traits of Highly Likable People

I believe you’re going to agree with me. Some people have a “little something” that acts like a magnet when others are around them. These “highly likable people” are able to get the best out of most situations, regardless of circumstances. In other words, even when the ship is sinking, they are able to stay afloat – figuratively speaking.

The good news is that highly likable people are not special by any means; however, they have certain characteristics that make them stand out in a positive way. And there’s more good news: anyone can learn these traits with relative ease. So, if you have the desire to become one of these highly likable people, the following tips will get you started. Study them, practice them, and use them as you go about your day. You will soon become more charismatic and people will feel attracted to you.

Seven Traits of Highly Likable People

Let’s use a short clip from the famous movie “Titanic” to better understand the traits of highly likable people. There’s nothing like learning by observing from those that are masters at their craft. Watch this short vid of the “First Class Dinner” and let’s analyze it afterward.


Ready? Here we go…

1. Highly likable people are adventurous. They have a positive attitude and use it as they go about their day. If you watched the movie, you know that Jack Dawson, the character played by Leonardo Di’Caprio, was living in poverty and got into the Titanic by mere luck. His adventurous personality paired with his good attitude (regardless of his circumstances) landed him a dinner with the ship’s cream of the crop. In the same manner, highly likable people are adventurous and see the silver lining in most everything, regardless of what’s happening around them. We’ve all heard it… it’s just a matter of attitude, and this applies to all we do.

2. Highly likable people watch the way they talk. This means highly likable people pay attention to the way they speak, and not only to the words they use, but to their volume and entonation. Watch the assertive, yet friendly reply of Jack Dawson in the scene above. Highly likable people always use a friendly tone, regardless of what they say and who they are speaking with. Even when the other person is being inconsiderate, highly likable people realize that they have a better chance at winning if they carefully watch the way they communicate.

3. Highly likable people listen carefully and pay close attention to those speaking to them. They know what every human being strives for attention and they take full advantage of this. In the video, you can see how Jack listens attentively even though the comments toward him are not favorable.

4. Highly likable people are able to maintain composture in all situations and change a rather negative situation into a positive one in the blink of an eye. To better explain this, listen to Jack’s reply to a rather rude comment about his way of living. Watch Jack’s face expression on min 1:02. It is obvious that the comment affected him yet, he manages to turn it around with a very likable reply when he states that “here I am, in the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you fine people” –  a very kind reply to the very people who verbally attacked him. Not only that, but he makes them laugh.

5. Highly likable people are patient, and keep an open mind. Again, in reference to the scene played above, did you notice how patient Jack was while he was being verbally attacked? Instead of jumping in and interrupting trying to defend himself or being aggresive, he waits for his turn to reply and does it in a marvelous way.

6. Highly likable people most always have a smile on their face, especially when speaking to others. No need to explain here. Just watch at Jack’s smile and see the effect this has in the whole scene.

7. Highly likable people act as if the person they are talking to is the most important person in the world. This focus on the other person not only opens up conversation, but –as you just watched– it diminishes the arrogance in those people who are showing a critical or disrespectful attitude toward him.

These are just seven traits of highly likable people, but there are many more. Can you think of one trait not mentioned here that makes people highly likable and charismatic? Please share in the space below. Thank you for contributing your thoughts!


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4 Responses to Seven Traits of Highly Likable People

  1. Paul J. September 11, 2017 at 2:27 PM #

    These points are all good but I believe that #3 is the most important. When people listen, truly listen to you, you feel welcome right away and you like them because listening has become a rare commodity these days.

  2. Whitney September 12, 2017 at 2:23 PM #

    Wooow! This is a complete course on how to be likable! I love it. I have to refine the tone of my voice. I tend to be loud and some people find it intimidating. Thanks for this post.

  3. John Muir September 14, 2017 at 8:00 PM #

    Super! I plan to follow Di’Caprio’s personality. This is good advise to help us make more friends. Thanks!

  4. Jessica M. September 16, 2017 at 3:27 PM #

    I loved this post, not only because I’m a DiCaprio fan, but because it’s right on target. Thanks for sharing it 🙂

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