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Imagine if you could improve your life by just listening to good music…
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Rewriting Your Story – Guided meditation MP3 – You’ll be taken on a journey through a mansion with many doors. One of those doors will call you. A magical experience awaits…

A Million Blessings – Miss Magikal MP3 – Uplifting music and lyrics mixed with brainwave entrainment designed to make you feel great.

Sacred Love – Beautiful heart chakra music MP3 – Enhanced with frequencies which also resonate with the heart for powerful physical and emotional healing.

A Message from the Future – Inspirational message from 100 years in the future …filled with immense wisdom and mixed with stunning music in this MP3.

Liberation from Fear – Learn about the ancient solfeggio frequencies that are said to contain the power of transformation. Experience them with this 396 Hz MP3.

Feel good – Listen to this fun ‘yummy’ music designed to help release natural ‘feel good’ chemicals in your brain for an instant high!

Deeply Relax – Enjoy the deepest relaxation and the deepest healing with deep delta frequencies and brilliant acoustic guitar.

Physical and Psychological Health – Discover the frequencies essential for your physical and psychological health by downloading and listening to this MP3 mixed with modern classical music.

Revitalize Your Energy Field – Experience ‘Bio Sonic music‘ performed on sacred global instruments… and revitalize your energy field.

Psychic Abilities – Enhance your psychic abilities and feel oneness with everything, with breathtaking music mixed and special frequencies.

Get Healthier – Discover the next generation of music with the Better Heath MP3 – Wonderful healing music, mixed with healing frequencies …and healing affirmations.

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