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Personal Development and Self Growth is not a solo endeavor. From Napoleon Hill to Tony Robbins and everyone in between, they all have used the know-how from others that have been on their path before them.

By the same principle, you have gained certain knowledge from past events in your life. Perhaps you received advise from people that care about you, or maybe from a book. Whatever your case, what matters most is that you came ahead of the challenge and probably learned a thing or two in the process.

Those events that are second nature to you now, might be the challenges that others are facing today… wouldn’t it be awesome to contribute to the success or self growth of another human being?


Most likely you  have some tips, experience or know-how that can be of help to others. As such, your advise can be very valuable.

I invite you to write an article and share it here, at  the Tools for Abundance Blog, for the satisfaction to know that you might contribute to change someone’s life for the better… how amazing is that? 

After all, it is in the giving that we receive the most!

As an added bonus, and if you have a blog, you will receive credit for your article as an author, and a byline with a link to your blog.

Please follow these guidelines for your submission:

1. Your articles should be between 500 and 700 words.

2. All articles should be related to the niche this blog covers. Some examples are motivation, inspiration, positive thinking, goal setting and meditation. You may want to review some of the articles at the blog for more ideas.

3. Your article should have practical information, advise, tips and guidance to help others with similar challenges.

4. Good articles have no typos or misspellings. Good English grammar is a most!

5. The content must be original work written by you. No copyright infringement or articles that have been published in other websites or blogs.

6. No links within the article will be accepted; however, you may add a bio and link to your blog in the footer.

7. No promotional articles and no affiliate products’ links will be accepted.

8. I reserve the right to accept or reject an article as well as edit the content if necessary.

You understand that when you contribute articles, your submissions are free and not in exchange of any monetary value. In exchange of your contribution, you will get a link back to your blog (if you have one) and a bio where you can describe your work.

Above it all, you receive the satisfaction to know you are helping others achieve their best! 

Please contribute articles by submitting them here.  Make sure you enter: “Article Submission” in subject line. You will receive notification by email if/when your article is published as well as a link to it.

Thank you for your contribution!

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