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Magnetic Attraction for Positive Experiences

Magnetic attraction is a scientific concept especially used in physics. It refers to the force that one object has to attract another. One example of this is a magnet which attracts a metal. However, this is not a scientific website, so if you think the only magnetic attraction at work in your life is the one […]

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How to Think of Abundance Rather than Scarcity

If you want to think of abundance rather than scarcity on a regular basis, you must become mindful of the kind of actions you engage in as well as the thoughts that roam aimlessly and wildly in your mind. Once you are aware, you will find it easier to change them. You must also learn to recognize […]

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how to attract abundance

How to Attract Abundance

If you want to learn how to attract abundance, you won’t have to look very far to see the law of abundance in action. It’s all around you… A single apple seed can spawn an entire orchard, whilst to count the stars on the firmament or the individual grains of sand on a beach would […]

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The Meaning of Abundance

Last Updated On: June 5, 2017 When you think about abundance… what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Most people would tell you that abundance is to have plenty of stuff and belongings, and the means to get them, such as having a house full of gadgets, or a bank account balance above 7 […]

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Money Can Buy Happiness

Money does not buy happiness… or does it? Most of us have heard this statement repeatedly since we were kids. Do you relate? If so, what would you say if I told you that money can buy happiness? You see, I believe that the saying “Money does not buy happiness” is true to a certain […]

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Forty Affirmations for an Abundant Life

I love affirmations! From changing your state of being and moods in just a few moments to ‘feeding’ our subconscious mind for long term goals, affirmations are beneficial and very powerful in more than one way. Do you use them? Do you have a set of favorite ones? Do you say them out loud? How […]

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Eight Secrets of Success

When you think about successful people, what comes to mind? Are they smarter than you? Do they have better resources? More self esteem or self confidence? Or, are they just luckier, perhaps? What do you believe leads to real success? Why do people succeed, anyhow? Analyst Richard St. John presents to you in a 3 minute […]

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How to Attract Money

If your bank account balance is not as you’d like it to be, it’s probably because of your mindset and beliefs. The thoughts that come and go inside your mind, determine the kind of life experience you get as a whole. To support this statement, let’s talk about Universal Laws first. Then, I’ll share with […]

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The LOA Doesn’t Work

Part II of II A few days ago, we talked about 3 of the 6 reasons why people say that the LOA doesn’t work… remember? If for some reason you did not get a chance to read that post, or if you want to review the content before moving on, here is the link for […]

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You Are as Rich as You Feel

Here is a question most of us don’t ask ourselves… What is my relationship with money like? Practically everyone has some kind of block around the topic of money, mostly because almost all of us were conditioned to subconscious  money limitations as kids. For example… were you told that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees‘? Well, maybe this […]

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