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Negative Thoughts Fast

Would you believe me if I told you that you can improve your life drastically by just following a simple negative thoughts fast for ten days? Yes, ten days is all it takes to see amazing results! You know that your life can go from suffering and merely getting by to happy and exceptional by focusing […]

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7 Traits of Successful People

Do you ever wonder what separates the successful from the unsuccessful? Chances are its not what you think. Below I will share with you 7 traits of successful people that are common of those who have been known for their success around the world. Follow them and you too can become a great success, regardless of […]

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A Life of Simplicity

Do you have a ton of obligations and responsibilities to meet on a daily or weekly basis? If so, you most find yourself yearning for a quieter life from time to time. Is that so? If you feel like your life is an endless race to the finish line, the following suggestions to live a life […]

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Make Your Day Amazing!

Most of us wake up with a million different things on our mind; like getting the children up and ready for school, stopping to get gas on the way to the office, making 2 follow up calls, attending a meeting by 10… and that’s just during the first 3 hours of a regular day. Because of […]

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Five Attitude Build Up Tips

When it comes to quality of life, attitude is everything! In fact, attitude is one of the main triggers for manifesting but it seldom gets the attention it deserves all by itself. You’ve heard that whatever you focus on the most, you will attract into your life. You’ve also heard that people with good attitudes […]

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Common Goal Setting Mistakes

Common Goal Setting Mistakes

You’ve probably heard that for successful people the only goals are written goals, otherwise they are just dreams and wishes. With very few exceptions, I have found this to be true. As a Life Coach, I know the importance of goal setting for both, commitment and guidance; but when the goals are set in writing, […]

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The Art of Forming New Habits

Have you been in a position in which you wanted to adopt a new behavior — like going to the gym 4 times per week, for instance — only to find out 2 weeks later that you have not gotten around doing it? I know I’ve been guilty of this myself, and it is not […]

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3 Steps for a Balanced Life

At times, life can feel overwhelming as endless demands pull you from all directions making it look as if life was out to get you. No wonder you often feel out of breath, fatigued – and just plain stressed! Fortunately, you don’t have to implement massive changes to achieve a balanced life. There is no need […]

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Seven Stress Busting Tips

Let’s be frank… stress is a fact of life, and sometimes it seems that there is not much you can do about it. You’ve got bills to pay, your job’s responsibilities are on your shoulders, your family obligations seem to pile up, and there are never enough hours in the day to do it all, […]

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Tips to Get Motivated

One of the greatest challenges that you can bump into when attempting to reach any goal is the loss of motivation. It happens to most of us at one point or another. It goes something like this: we feel super excited when we start a new project; our energy level is at an all time […]

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