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Everyone Needs Encouragement

Everyone Needs Encouragement

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Wisdom is Not Always Knowing the Answers

A moment of reflection for you today… There is an old Zen story about a sage who came to a Zen master seeking enlightenment. As is their tradition, the Zen guy wants to drink lots of tea first. He makes the tea in the classic teapot and pours tea into his sage’s cup. But when […]

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Eliminate Regrets in Your Life

There comes a time in life where most of us won’t be able to do certain things, such as climbing a mountain once you reach your 80’s, for instance. This is just part of the nature of living and one we must constantly adapt to as time passes. As my dad always says… “It is good to […]

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Get the Most Out of Life

Have you ever noticed that those who get the most out of life – and thus, the best results – are usually those who are willing to do what it takes and go the proverbial ‘extra mile’ by giving their dreams and goals their best shot? For instance, my youngest son loves basketball and his dream is […]

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Together Everyone Achieves More

You’ve heard about it… T.E.A.M. stands for Together Everyone Achieves More! And, I’m here to attest that when there is collaboration between individuals in a group which has the same intent or goal, things turn out better and faster than when working by oneself. This reminds me of a tale that my dad used to tell […]

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Creativity for Problem Solving

Most of us have experienced complex situations that require a special insight to get resolved; one that goes beyond the usual problem solving strategies, where you describe the problem first and analyze it later. Now, don’t get me wrong. Problem solving techniques do work, and can be very helpful. It is important to define the problem, and ask […]

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Get Rid of Clutter in Your Life

This may be a shocker for many, but living in a cluttered space can affect your life in more ways than the obvious. You surely know that it’s difficult to move around, keep organized, and find stuff in a cluttered space. But have you thought of the more subtle ways in which living in a […]

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7 Traits of Successful People

Do you ever wonder what separates the successful from the unsuccessful? Chances are its not what you think. Below I will share with you 7 traits of successful people that are common of those who have been known for their success around the world. Follow them and you too can become a great success, regardless of […]

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Accept Compliments Graciously

Do you remember the last time you got a compliment about your looks, the way you keep your home, your dress style, or your work? Did you accept that compliment with appreciation? Do you accept compliments graciously or feel uncomfortable when you receive them? Most people react by giving thanks to the person who just gave […]

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Eight Success Principles

If you have ever wanted a set of specific qualities that anybody can adopt or follow to achieve change and success, regardless of  business, endeavor or line of work, this list of eight success principles will get you on the right track. While I don’t claim this list to be complete by any means, I can tell […]

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