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The Basics of Meditation: Making Yoda Proud

If you don’t practice meditation just yet, I invite you to learn the basics of meditation so you have the elements to start the practice at once. As most of us already know, the benefits of meditation are countless. However, many people do not practice it due to the false belief that it takes years to learn to […]

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how to master your intuition

Master Your Intuition and Reap the Benefits

Have you ever had a sudden hunch alerting you of something that was about to happen, and to your surprise, that intuition eventually translated into reality? I know you are probably nodding, as most of us have had experiences like this at times. Intuition is a strong feeling about something that you have no logical explanation […]

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Are you a worrier?

Are You a Worrier?

My aunt, a very optimistic and forward thinking woman, used to tell me… “If a problem has a solution, why worry. And if it doesn’t, why worry? It’s all a matter of time. When you are patient, everything will eventually get sorted out one way or another.” To this day, I recognize the wisdom in […]

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Don’t Let Fear Rule Your Life

Fear is a normal animal and human emotion. Even the most corageous people have felt fear at one time or another. Some people are afraid of heights, while others may be afraid of spiders or confined places. These fears are psychological in nature and as such, therapy may be needed to overcome them. This article […]

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4 easy techniques to relax

4 Easy Techniques to Relax

There are a multitude of events in our daily lives that can cause us to feel stressed out, and if we are not conscious about this, we cal easily get wrapped up in the intensity of a situation. This is especially true in business situations or at work but it can apply to any area of your […]

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Wisdom is Not Always Knowing the Answers

A moment of reflection for you today… There is an old Zen story about a sage who came to a Zen master seeking enlightenment. As is their tradition, the Zen guy wants to drink lots of tea first. He makes the tea in the classic teapot and pours tea into his sage’s cup. But when […]

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Beautiful Quotes on Hope

Every human being has hoped for something at one time or another. We’ve all experienced hope; that feeling of expectation that comes from the heart without any logical reason to believe that the thing we desire to happen, will actually happen. Yet, even without actually knowing what will happen, hope provides us with peace of […]

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A Life of Simplicity

Do you have a ton of obligations and responsibilities to meet on a daily or weekly basis? If so, you most find yourself yearning for a quieter life from time to time. Is that so? If you feel like your life is an endless race to the finish line, the following suggestions to live a life […]

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Make Your Day Amazing!

Most of us wake up with a million different things on our mind; like getting the children up and ready for school, stopping to get gas on the way to the office, making 2 follow up calls, attending a meeting by 10… and that’s just during the first 3 hours of a regular day. Because of […]

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Little Victories Over Ego

Today, I want to share a personal story, one that happened to me not too long ago and that made me smile big once I realized that it is the little victories over ego -instead of trying to eliminate ego altogether- what makes us evolve and grow as a human beings. To better understand these […]

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