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Don’t Let Fear Rule Your Life

Fear is a normal animal and human emotion. Even the most corageous people have felt fear at one time or another. Some people are afraid of heights, while others may be afraid of spiders or confined places. These fears are psychological in nature and as such, therapy may be needed to overcome them. This article […]

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Create a Peaceful Atmosphere

There are many physical benefits to being organized, but did you know that when you organize your spaces you can actually create a peaceful atmosphere that impacts and positively affects your mental and spiritual states? If you’ve been following this blog, you probably read the recent article on the importance of decluttering your home and […]

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Playing Brain Games

Last Updated On: April 15, 2017 Did you know your brain needs exercise? If so, when was the last time that you made an attempt to challenge your brain in this manner? And, do you do it regularly? Unfortunately, most people give their brain’s abilities for granted and neglect to exercise their brains. Now, I’m not blaming anybody. Truth is, […]

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Ten Minutes of Mindfulness

When was the last time that you did absolutely nothing for ten full minutes? Not while on the phone, in front of the TV, texting, or even thinking! Do you actually take time to be just with yourself and do absolutely nothing on a regular basis? Don’t be ashamed to say no. Actually, most of us […]

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The Peace Within

Last Updated On: March 25, 2017 Most people go through life trying to achieve a certain situation or position to finally be able to live in peace, as if peace was something to be found “out there“… they believe that once they have enough money or a new vehicle; once their kids are grown up or […]

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Simple Routine for Using the Law of Attraction

Last Updated On: April 18, 2017 One thing that I’ve learned in my self growth path is to set routines that lead me to my intended goals. The same applies to the Law of Attraction. When you establish a routine, you are more likely to follow through and see results. Now, I am not referring to visualizing or meditating for […]

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