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The Empty Pickle Jar

Between responsibilities, obligations, relaxation and fun, we all have an innumerable amount of things to do in our everyday life, and while most of us have our priorities straight, it is unfortunate that many others get lots in the day to day rush and often forget what matters most. To be fair, most of us don’t […]

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Together Everyone Achieves More

You’ve heard about it… T.E.A.M. stands for Together Everyone Achieves More! And, I’m here to attest that when there is collaboration between individuals in a group which has the same intent or goal, things turn out better and faster than when working by oneself. This reminds me of a tale that my dad used to tell […]

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The Fine Art of Listening

Listening is frequently used as a synonym of hearing, yet they are two very different actions. We can hear a song in the radio and even follow the tune while thinking about something else, but it is not until we listen that we are able to find meaning through the lyrics. When we become aware […]

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