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Switch Your Thoughts to Feel Good

For many of us, feeling good does not come easy, especially on those days when things aren’t going so well. However, as we have seen before, our thought vibrations affect what comes into our lives, so the first thing we need to do to make the day a bit brighter is to become aware of […]

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Everyone Needs Encouragement

Everyone Needs Encouragement

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Create a Peaceful Atmosphere

There are many physical benefits to being organized, but did you know that when you organize your spaces you can actually create a peaceful atmosphere that impacts and positively affects your mental and spiritual states? If you’ve been following this blog, you probably read the recent article on the importance of decluttering your home and […]

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Get Rid of Clutter in Your Life

This may be a shocker for many, but living in a cluttered space can affect your life in more ways than the obvious. You surely know that it’s difficult to move around, keep organized, and find stuff in a cluttered space. But have you thought of the more subtle ways in which living in a […]

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Are Our Minds Entangled?

Entanglement, a fundamental property of the universe, is an amazing phenomena frequently mentioned in Quantum Theory. It refers to the invisible relationship and deep connection between two particles of energy regardless of the physical distance between them. Even if these particles were separated by the width of the whole universe, the bond between them would remain intact in a […]

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Charisma and Life Success

“The reason we’re successful, darling? My overall charisma, of course!” ~ Freddie Mercury The relationship between charisma and life success is closer than it seems. This is because close to 90 percent of all success comes from the relationships and interactions you have with others. When people respond to you in a positive manner it […]

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Using the Law of Attraction to Manifest Money

Do you want to attract more money into your life? Do you find it difficult to manifest the necessary means to get what you need and desire? Do you doubt that using the law of attraction to manifest money is easy? I don’t want you to just read these 3 questions, but to answer them […]

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Frustration Can Be Your Friend

If choice is given to us, frustration is one of those feelings that we rather don’t experience. In its most common form, most of us link it to painful and negative experiences; however -as surprising as it might be- frustration can be your friend. Frustration can also be a positive experience because – in and on […]

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Nature and Gratitude

Do you take the time to stop to smell the roses every now and then? For most, it is fairly easy to be caught up in the rush of everyday’s life. People come and go, follow routines, take care of obligations, try to cram as much as possible in one day, and have scattered minds; […]

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intuition and the law of attraction

Intuition and The Law of Attraction

Do you know how to tell the difference between your logical voice and your intuition voice? While both of them are necessary to survive and thrive in life, the one voice that offers the most insight is the user-friendly voice called intuition. Intuition is that little relentless inner voice that talks smoothly and peacefully, time and again, yet […]

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